Govt Primary School , Somanahalli, Bangalore South

This school is more than 50 years old school and once it was most sought after school among the students of surrounding villages.  Though this school has reasonably good buildings  which can host classes from 1st standard to 7th standard,  the total strength is only 80 students and there are 3 teachers for all the 7 classes.

Kshiti Foundation has provided  Digital infrastructure for smart classes and conducting bridge classes for classes 6th and 7th std through online mode.  We also run our Expression club, where we conduct activities to build leadership skills, communication skills etc.  The goal is to build smart class rooms for  all the classes and conduct classes in a professional way so that the strength of the school to go up to 300 in next 2 years.

We thank Mr Hari Prasad and friends for their financial support to setup the smart class rooms for this school and Students of Jain University for volunteering for online classes.


Prasad Siddalinga


Prasad Siddalinga