Sneha Gokul

Hi Friend,
I am happy to be an ambassador for 1 school under DISHA – Bandipur project.  Please join me in providing quality education to 50 underprivileged children.



The pandemic has changed how millions around the globe are to be educated. This year, school closures due to COVID-19 have impacted the learning of 247 million children in India. Educational establishments are being challenged with finding the answers to provide continuity for education for children and are seriously exploring on-line education. 
Online education is not an option.

Only one in four children have access to digital devices and internet

Given the digital divide and lack of access to technology-enabled education, many children will be denied education and could widen equality gaps. Even more, with schools closed for over 18 months, there are significant learning losses which needs to attention as we get ready for the schools to reopen.

Every single day of school counts.


We at Kshiti Foundation, have collaborated with leading academic scholars, educationists to create solution DISHA which will help to deliver education through well trained volunteers at the community.
DISHA is a program designed with the following objectives:
  • Enable children with continued access to quality academic engagement through well trained volunteers, right at their doorsteps.
  •  Curriculum aligned and activity based enriching learning programs.
  •  Access to rich digital content to create interest with children.
  •  Smart Technology solution to capture learning levels and prepare personalized learning plans for each child based on identified learning gaps.
  •  Current focus is for Primary School children from Grade 1 to Grade 5 aligned to Karnataka State Education Board.


DISHA – Expected Project Outcomes

  1. Enabling learning for 5,000 students who are in the remote forest areas and ensure learning gaps are addressed.
  2. Build easy to use digital learning content – activity based, in Kannada language which can be used by anyone in any place to enrich age appropriate and grade appropriate learning.
  3. Developing Digital Tribal Dictionary – for select tribes.
  4. Student wise Performance Tracking & Management for improved Outcomes.